Tracked Vehicle

The following rules apply to Tracked Vehicles:
• Vehicles with the Tracked Vehicle Trait suffer a –10 penalty to all Tests involving Manoeuvrability.
• Vehicles with the Tracked Vehicle Trait gain a +10 bonus to all Tests involving Difficult Terrain.
• To represent their more robust nature, whenever a vehicle with the Tracked Vehicle Trait suffers Critical Damage to its Motive Systems that results in the vehicle being slowed, the result of the roll to determine how much Tactical Speed is lost is halved (rounded down).
• The motive systems of vehicles with the Tracked Vehicle Trait are often far more complex than simple wheeled mechanisms, and therefore repairing Critical Damage to the vehicle’s Motive Systems, as well as any lasting Motive System damage (such as Motive Systems Damaged, Motive Systems Crippled, etc.) takes twice as long as normal (see Repairing Vehicles on page 281).

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