Trademark Item (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Fellowship 40, Command +10
Aptitudes: Fellowship, Social
The character possesses a certain item for which he is well known, such as a decorative cap, a pipe, or even a particular weapon. While this item is likely against regulation, such is the character’s bravado, charm, or reputation that his superiors only rarely berate him for possessing it.
When this Talent is taken, the character must select an item to be his trademark item. This can be an item already in the character’s possession, or, with the GM’s permission, the character can obtain a new item of otherwise trifling significance with no Logistics Test required. As long as the character’s Trademark Item is prominently displayed, he gains an additional Degree of Success all successful Interaction Tests when dealing with members of his regiment, and possibly with other Imperial forces, at the GM’s discretion.
If the character is able to issue Sweeping Orders, once per encounter, he may make Difficult (–10) Command Test to issue one additional Sweeping Order during his Turn. The second Sweeping Order must be a different Order from the first.
The character is quite attached to his Trademark Item, and must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test in order to willingly abandon it, even in the face of life-threatening danger. If the character’s Trademark Item is somehow lost or destroyed, the character can select a new Trademark Item after a suitable mourning period, as determined by the GM.

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