Utility Mechadendrite (Cybernetic)

This two-metre long limb houses a variety of tools and attachments designed to assist a Tech-Priest in the course of his holy duties. The mechadendrite counts as a combi-tool, granting a +10 bonus to all Tech-Use Tests. The limb also houses six injector pistons, each of which may be filled with one dose of sacred unguent. These can be supplied separately. In addition to this, the limb contains an electrically powered censer, which can gust incense fumes over particularly troublesome faults. The censer generates one “blast” of smoke every fifteen minutes. This can be employed in melee combat to distract and choke, imposing a –5 penalty to Weapon Skill Tests made by all living creatures within a two-metre radius for one Round. This is a Half Action. Unless the censer is deactivated, all Perception Tests made to detect the Tech- Priest that rely on a sense of smell gain a +10 bonus. Finally, the mechadendrite contains a cutting blade. This counts as a knife with the Defensive Quality and Mono upgrade. A character must have the appropriate Mechadendrite Use Talent to operate this implant.

Availability: Very Rare†
† Some cybernetic systems are only provided to tech-adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus, though it is possible that skilled hereteks might risk the Machine Cult’s wrath by implanting crude versions of these systems in anyone willing to pay their price.

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