Veteran Comrade (Talent)

Tier: 3
Prerequisite: Character Speciality that includes a Comrade
Aptitudes: General, Leadership
This character’s Comrade is particularly experienced or otherwise talented, and fights at a level above the average soldier in the regiment. This Comrade is also more capable of employing advanced tactical manoeuvres, and has trained to work smoothly with a partner, even in the chaos and confusion of the battlefield.
When a character selects this Talent, he must select one of his Comrades. That Comrade grants the character an additional +5 bonus to Ballistic Skill Tests when he participates in the Ranged Volley Order and an additional +5 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests when he participates in the Close Quarters Order. Additionally, this Comrade can participate in Veteran Orders.
If the original Comrade for whom the character purchased this Talent perishes, its effects can be applied to another Comrade (be that a new Comrade or a current one) when the character has a chance to request reinforcements and observe a suitable period of mourning.

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