The following rules apply to a vehicle with the Walker Trait:
• Vehicles with the Walker Trait are able to ignore many types of Difficult Terrain due to their large feet and heavy legs. Vehicles with the Walker Vehicle Trait treat conditions such as rockslides, tank traps, fallen trees, and basic rubble and ruins as Open Ground. It is up to the GM to determine what other types of terrain a walker can ignore.
• Vehicles with the Walker Trait cannot make use of the Ram Action. They make a standard Charge Action instead.
• Far more combat capable than most other vehicle types, walkers (or rather their pilots) are better able to turn to face their opponents in the midst of a melee. A vehicle with the Walker Trait has Armour and Facings just like all vehicles and when engaged in melee combat it should always be clear to the GM and the players which direction it is facing for the purposes of working out which armour value its opponents must attempt to penetrate, as well as which direction the walker may make its attacks. Any vehicle with the Walker Trait may turn to face its melee opponents at the end of its Turn as a Free Action. This does not count as a form of movement and it may in fact put other attackers in a better position if the Walker is fighting multiple opponents in melee.
• Vehicles with the Walker Trait may turn as many times as they like when moving, regardless of how far they move.

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