Weapon Training (Talent)

Tier: 1
Prerequisite: None
Specializations: Bolt, Chain, Flame, Heavy, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, Power, Low-Tech, Shock, and Solid Projectile
Aptitudes: General, Finesse
The character can use all weapons with Class: Pistol, Basic, Melee, Throwing, and Vehicle within the group he has selected with this Talent. When a character attempts to use a weapon he does not have the correct Weapon Training Talent for, he suffers a –20 penalty to any relevant Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill Test. The character can only use weapons with Class: Heavy without suffering the –20 penalty if he has both Weapon Training in the appropriate group and Weapon Training (Heavy).
This Talent may be taken more than once, each time with a different specialization.

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