Wheeled Vehicle

The following rules apply to Wheeled Vehicles:
• Vehicles with the Wheeled Vehicle suffer a –20 penalty to all Tests involving Difficult Terrain.
• Vehicles with the Wheeled Vehicle Trait gain a +10 bonus to all Tests involving Manoeuvrability.
• Wheeled Vehicles become extremely difficult to control once they start suffering serious damage to their motive systems, and the loss of even one wheel can make even the most experienced of drivers struggle to keep the vehicle moving in a straight line, especially in the heat of combat. Vehicles with the Wheeled Vehicle Trait suffer Motive Systems Critical Damage as normal, but once any such Damage has been taken, all forms of movement require Operate Tests, and all Tests related to the vehicle’s Manoeuvrability are made at a –10 penalty.
• Wheeled mechanisms are far less complex than those belonging to tracked vehicles, and therefore repairing Critical Damage to the vehicle’s Motive Systems, as well as any lasting Motive System damage (such as Motive Systems Damaged, Motive Systems Crippled, etc.) takes half as long as normal (see page 282).

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