Wyvern Squad Game 1

Game 1-1; "Landing" at Gulch

The players are called into their ship's briefing room as a battalion, where Captain Avidius Cassius stands to give them their orders. They are told as they're going in that there has been a change of plans and that their squad will now be in the initial landing party, and will be designated 77-A. They are to escort an Autocannon team down to the LZ in their Valkyrie. That's all they're told before being told to take a seat and listen in to the orders.



Mission Prep

Players get to designate one member of the section to go get their Mission Assignment Gear; Ajacks goes to do this. They go to see the ship CQ, Warrant Officer duVallee, who is a crotchety miserly CQ, always claiming that he's gotta save supplies for emergencies.
The CO assigns the squad the following three items; which will require a single test against a DC of 60. Grav Chutes x3, Micro-Bead x3, Spare Autocannon Ammo, Krak Grenades x3;
Ajacks succeeds on his logistics test and actually manages to get some extra Krak Grenades, so each member of the section gets two. Luckily Ajacks and Aubrey already have micro-beads and Aubray has a Grav-chute, so they have those extra now.
Then each person gets 2 personal logistics tests; Ajacks gets himself a Long-las, Genevie gets a Flamer and Aubray gets a Plasma Gun, each with two clips/charge packs. All their secondary requests are denied by duVallee, citing the need to conserve stock.

Mission Execution

The Valkyries are in the launch bay awaiting the troops to load up when they hear an alarm sounding throughout the hangar. The base on the ground is under another attack, and this one seems to be a much larger scale, as they're being overrun by a wave of attacking Greenskins approaching from the west with great speed. No sooner do they get themselves into their Valkyrie, piloted by Hana Patrina, with their Autocannon team, Kale and Martinious, and they're off.
As they approach the LZ from the northeast they can see the Orks smashing themselves against the walls. Lobbas shoot balls of flame all over the base, and knock out the two western OP towers. A Kannon team blasts a hole in the side of the wall and Ork trukks scream through with sections of the barbarians screaming and shooting from the trukk bed. One of the trukks crashes into the wall and it's crew jumps out on the wall, killing all of the guard on top of it before they're taken out by guardsman on the southern section of wall. A Gretchin Horde is being pushed along by Runtherds towards the main guardsman line inside the camp, soaking up the militia's bullets while a group of Lootas work their way towards the southern gatehouse to set up their Deffguns.
The Valkyries are almost in position when the Kannons notice their presence. 77-A and 77-B are both hit as the other three are dropping troops. 77-B keels off and smashes into the northeastern tower. Hana manages to get her aircraft under control just long enough to steer it away from the walls and aim towards a softer landing south of the Aircraft tower while Ajacks screams at her passengers to jump out now and regroup at the Aircraft Control tower. She jumps shortly before impact and is visibly injured when she lands, just south of the nose of the aircraft.
Aubray, Genevie and the Autocannon team engage their Grav-chutes properly; however Ajacks is not so lucky (astoundingly failing by 4 degrees), slamming into the Air Control tower they were aiming for as he mistimes the firing of his grav-chute. Ajacks does manage to execute a proper breakfall though, halving the damage and in the end only taking 4 wounds as he twists his ankle upon impact. An approaching Shoota Boy mob noticed their landing and is moving towards the downed aircraft, as well as a Stormboy section is bounding it's way in from the west towards the tower seeking a high vantage point. They also notice a Loota Boy section moving towards the gatehouse tower where they look like they might be setting up their Deffguns to fire in on the infantry that's cornered in the airfield.
Genevie takes advantage of his Death World honed speed and dashes across the open terrain to rescue the downed pilot, taking a full round to close the gap and get next to her. Ajacks and the Autocannon team quickly climb the stairs and get into position on the roof of the tower, while Aubray stays in cover in preparation to treat the pilot when she's recovered and lays down cover fire with his Plasma Gun, but unfortunately misses.
The Stormboyz and Shoota Boy mob move closer in, firing an inaccurate volley of rounds that ping off the cover of the tower and the downed Valkyrie without effect; with two of the shoota boyz actually shooting and killing two of their own in the confusion.
The Autocannon team now braces itself and then opens up on the Stormboy squad with a semi-auto burst and just rips them apart; getting a total of 5 degrees of success. 4 stormboyz are nearly mortally wounded, one dropping to the ground and trying to put himself back together, one suffering broken ribs, another being stunned, while the fourth has his leg effectively shattered. A fifth stormboy is shot clear through the head, spraying blood and gore everywhere and blinding almost every stormboy in the line, and the round passes through to hit a sixth behind him tearing the arm clear from it's socket. Ajacks fires two rounds from his long-las, injuring two more, and Aubray finishes off one of the shoota boyz with a maximized Plasma round, while Genevie attacks the Stormboyz with two Smite blasts, killing off a few of the wounded who looked like they were getting up.
All the wounded Stormboyz succumb to their wounds at this point or slowly start crawling away, except for two plucky survivors who manage to maneuver their rokkit packs up to the tower where they launch themselves at the Autocannon team; one misses, but the other manages to score a shallow hit for 7 damage against the #1, Hale, with his jagged Choppa. Genevie sees this, grabs the pilot and throws her over his shoulder, then runs to the northern tail section of the Valkyrie and Smites one of the Stormboyz, who falls to the ground as his head is enveloped in psychic fire, blinding him, stunning him and burning his hair squig mohawk off. Aubrey fires another shot from his Plasma gun up at the pair on the roof, which hits the Stormboy who was still standing, completely encasing him in fire. As he runs away panicked, he smashes into the blinded, bald, Ork on the ground and they both tumble off the tower to splatter into a flaming heap on the ground. The autocannon team manages to recover and fires another round of shots at the shoota boyz, but the shots go wild as they slightly overcompensate the range. Ajacks dials in the range on his Long-las, and he takes a well-aimed shot at the Loota team in the southern gatehouse tower which is now setting up to fire on the infantry, and gets a spectacular headshot on the easternmost Loota, exploding it's head all over the inside of the tower and imposing a -10 B.S. penalty on the center Loota next to him.

The session ends after the Shoota boy mob moves another 3m closer and fires again, though it has no hope of hitting Ajacks with his Chameleon cloak, and their rounds just ping off the Rockcrete off the Aircraft tower that Aubray is taking cover behind.
Notes: Aubray's plasma gun will require the next immediate round to cool before it can be fired again due to the maximized shot. Autocannon team has suffered 7 wounds, and Ajacks has 4.

Awards: +200 xp to those involved in the fight; 175 pts for the amount of troop points removed from the board singlehandedly by the players, and 25 for the helo jump and prep portion.

Game 1-2: The Battle Continues

Players: Nick (Sniper, Ogryn), Bert (Autocannon Team), Absent - John (Psyker, Medic)

The game picks up right where the last one ended, with the autocannon team and sniper still on the roof of the Aircraft Control Tower engaging enemies and the Medic and Catachan Psyker on the ground. The Catachan, Genevie, takes a bound across the space between the downed Valkyrie and the tower to bring the pilot, Hana Patrina, to get patched up; while the Autocannon team and sniper lays down covering fire tearing apart the team of Shoota boyz advancing on their position. The medic takes out one more of the orks with his plasma pistol before stopping to tend to Hana Patrina. Once the shoota boyz have been cut down to size the sniper shifts fire to take out a last remaining choppa boy as he charged in the HQ door to face the ground commander, shooting the ork in the back of the head just as he was about to swing his blade at the last bodyguard, a flamer wielding Grenadier. The psyker kills the last two Shoota boys as they charge in and the Autogun team fires a burst into an Ork trukk that had broken through the west wall and was barrelling across the position towards their platoon-mates in the Northeast. The rounds puncture the gas tank and drive shaft, causing the trukk to explode and accellerate at the same time, becoming a vehicular missile that dashed itself against the HQ wall, crumpling flat along with all the orks inside.
With the speeding Trukk taken care of the Autocannon team turns it's attention to the Deffgun wielding Lootas inside the tower, pinging away at them once before they can engage them with the massive guns. Unfortunately his gun clunks on empty and he orders his comrade to help him reload, but the comrade, fearing the intimidating deffguns fire, opts to instead stay behind some nice safe cover. The ork's aim is drastically spoiled when Ajacks fires a wellplaced round into the Mekboy helping them out with a force field, overloading said force field, and setting everyone within it on fire. As the orks inside roll around in flaming agony the two marksmen pick their targets off and slowly put them out of their misery.
About this time the Drop Sentinels finally show up, streaking down to the earth just southwest of the wall and sweeping around with their flamers and missile launchers. The warboss is quick to the scene and charges southwards towards the sentinels as one of the Gretchin operated gun crew destroy one with a lucky Kannon strike; the Sentinels respond in kind by drenching the nearby Lobba squad in flame. One manages to strike the Looted Wagon acting as a mobile Boomgun platform with it's missiles, causing it to turn and bring it's attention back to the west. The rear armour proves to be a tempting target for the finally reloaded Autogun and a burst into the ass-end of the vehicle causes a massive explosion that kills all of the remaining Orks on the walls and the Kannon crews. The Ork warboss is infuriated and dashes forward to rip the lead flamer sentinel in half with it's power klaw.
Ajacks and Konrad wait for the Warboss to round the corner, and send the Psyker to dash across to use the vox in the Valkyrie and order the sentinel to fall back to their position, hopefully bringing the Warboss into their line of sight. The remaining Sentinel pilot requires almost no coaxing, and fearing for his life, dashes at full speed back towards the aircraft tower. The two soldiers on the roof train their weapons on the corner waiting for the massive ork to give into his rage and give chase, but it appears the beast regained it's senses and made a full speed run away from them; by the time he becomes visible over the wall he's more than 150 meters away. Konrad unleashes his last two bursts into the warboss, dinging off it's armour and winding it, but it impressively keeps his feet and is almost outside of their view diving for cover behind a sewer ditch. As the autocannon clunks with the familiar sound of being out of ammo, Ajacks takes a deep breath, calculates the boss's speed and… unleashes a perfectly placed Longlas shot right between the shoulder blades, through a tear in the clunky metal armour opened up by the heavy gun's shells, and the warboss erupts in fire from the inside out. His flaming corpse rolls down out of sight into the ditch and then erupts as his grenades and ammunition cook off and explode.
With the battle seemingly over they quickly consolidate, watching for a counter-attack and issuing emergency first aid to those that can be saved. Aubray tends to a bullet wound in the ground commander's leg, a relatively minor flesh wound that the officer insists is much much more serious and will keep him from the front lines for some time.

Game 1-3 - Ork Ambush the Con-Run

Reward: 500xp for those involved
Players: Konrad (Berthelot), Number 5 (Milbury), Thanos (Dallas)

Game 1-4 - Over the Top Boys!

Reward: 600 xp for those involved, 200 xp for Medic
Players: Konrad (Berthelot), Torlong and Ajacks McVicker (Nick), Aubray Torian (NPC Mode

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